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IIA Ukraine offers a wide range of Audit Services designed to help your organization achieve its goals.

One of key roles of Internal Audit is to monitor risks and ensure that the controls in place are adequate to mitigate those risks.

Internal Audit is a corporate governance cornerstone – along with the board, executive management, and the external auditors.

Choosing our services you will receive

  • Clarity in governance.
  • Courtesy in evaluation of efficiency and activity.
  • Credibility of the findings and advices.
  • Consistency in control evaluation framework.
  • Competency in advices for main activity.
  • Comprehension of controls.
  • Strong communication within departments.
  • Certified professionalism of our professionals.

How we can help you

  • We’ll make an objective assessment of your operations, and share ideas for best practices.
  • We’ll provide counsel for improving controls, processes and procedures, performance, and risk management.
  • We’ll suggest ways for reducing costs, enhancing revenues, and improving profits.
  • We’ll deliver competent consulting, assurance, and facilitation services.

Institute’s services

  • Independent counsel and consulting.
  • Emerging-issue education.
  • IT governance education.
  • Information Securi
  • Control- and risk-assessment training and facilitated workshops.
  • Fraud awareness training.
  • Development of methodological materials for internal audit and corporate governance.
  • Independent Audit Services.

What this means to you

  • Lecturers and methodologist
  • Risk managers.
  • Controls experts.
  • Efficiency specialists.
  • Problem-solving partners.

You get assurance in the work of your organization.

Where we go from here

When you involve us as part of the solution, we can help you meet your goals and objectives in a variety of ways.

To arrange a facilitated workshop, trainings, consultation, or other services, contact as by phome +38(050)063-85-64 or e-mail edu@iia.org.ua.

Remember: Internal Audit is on your side and is a protector of your interests.


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